Category: Main Dish

  • Javanese Fried Rice

    Javanese Fried Rice

    20 Minutes In this rainy season, at night it’s delicious to eat fried rice, when the weather outside the rain that never stops will make you confused as much as possible. Therefore I will give you a reliable fried rice recipe for you who are cold and hungry. Come on, immediately refer to and practice…

  • Miso Soup

    Miso Soup

    20 Minutes SUMMARY Most Japanese meals are served with a bowl of steamed rice and a traditional Japanese soup called Miso Soup (味噌汁). Depending on the region, season, and personal preference, you can find many varieties of miso soup enjoyed in Japan. In addition to the classic tofu and wakame combination, we also use a lot of…

  • Broiled Lobster

    Broiled Lobster

    25 Minutes SUMMARY : Broiled lobster tail, the quintessential fancy dinner menu item. Unlike whole boiled or steamed lobster, which is almost impossible to eat delicately, with broiled lobster tail the work has already been done for you. INGREDIENTS : DIRECTION :

  • Pepes Milkfish

    Pepes Milkfish

    50 Minutes SUMMARY : The joy is not only a spiced milkfish marinade seep from perfect, but also because of the maturation process that dipresto making it easier for us to enjoy it without fear of thorns. INGREDIENTS : DIRECTION :

  • Tempe Penyetan

    Tempe Penyetan

    20 Minutes SUMMARY : Recipe ingredients make this dish was not too troublesome and complicated. You can get it easily. If this dish has made sure the result yahut and delicious INGREDIENTS : DIRECTION :

  • Gulai Gajebo

    Gulai Gajebo

    55 Minutes SUMMARY : Day of special dishes this one is very fitting for you serve and serve the beloved family. This dish is made from beef. INGREDIENTS : DIRECTION :

  • Kaledo


    50 Minutes SUMMARY : Kaledo is one dish of Palu made from cow bone existing bone marrow and meat tetelan. Fry dish with spicy sour taste is taste better with a squeeze of lime juice. INGREDIENTS : DIRECTION :

  • Soto Banjar

    Soto Banjar

    25 Minutes SUMMARY : Banjarmasin has dishes that are worth to try. One of them is a very delicious soup banjo for us to eat while cold air. Do not forget to serve it with the sauce if you are a lover of spicy dishes. INGREDIENTS : DIRECTION :

  • Sate Padang

    Sate Padang

    45 Minutes SUMMARY : Sate Padang has a lot of variations of it. Although the manner of presentation is similar but apparently of Sate Padang long, Sate Padang Pariaman and Sate Padang city has the difference respectively. INGREDIENTS : DIRECTION :