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  • Fat Rice

    Fat Rice

    30 Minutes SUMMARY : Indonesia and Malaysia does have a lot in common. Even until the food was a lot of the same. Despite its name, nasi lemak but this dish similar to rice or rice savory uduk. INGREDIENTS : DIRECTION :

  • Chicken Porridge

    Chicken Porridge

    48 Minutes SUMMARY : Fresh ingredients in these dishes can help source metabolism is right for your family. Cooking recipe this one requires some cooking techniques that can sisajikan appropriately. The following recipe more INGREDIENTS : Porridge Ingredients : Kuah Ingredients : Ground spices : DIRECTION :

  • Chocolate Donut

    Chocolate Donut

    55 Minutes SUMMARY : This recipe can be your alternative to make your child become fond of fruit pumpkin. Krena this time pumpkin recipe creation this time with the donuts, so they can be more like it. INGREDIENTS : DIRECTION :